Warmer, Wetter, Wilder: The Weather in 2050

Monday 01st Sep 2014 by theWeather Club

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) have invited well-known television presenters from around the globe to prepare a daily weather report for 2050 depicting likely local impacts of global climate change; from droughts and heatwaves, to intense rainfall and flooding.

During September 2014, the WMO is launching the videos to support UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s call for government, finance, business, and civil society leaders to agree to ambitious action on climate change at the UN Climate Summit (http://www.un.org/climatechange/climate-summit-2014/) on 23rd September 2014 to prevent the worst-case scenarios.

“The weather reports are potential scenarios compatible with the most up-to-date climate science documented by the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report,” said WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud.

The videos will be available at >> http://www.wmo.int/media/climatechangeimpact.html

They will be promoted on Twitter with the #weather2050 and #climate2014 hashtags


Schedule for videos:

Monday 1st September –“Teaser”

Wednesday 3rd – Brazil; Portuguese w/ English, French and Spanish subtitles

Thursday, 4th – NHK Japan; Japanese w/ English subtitles

Friday 5th – DBC Denmark; English w/ French, Spanish and Russian subtitles

Monday 8th – ZNBC Zambia; English w/ French and Spanish subtitles

Tuesday 9th – Chorus Prod./Météo Burkina, Burkina Faso; French w/ Arabic, Chinese and English subtitles

Wednesday 10th– Weather Channel USA; English w/ Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish subtitles

Thursday 11th–NBC TV6 USA; English w/ Arabic, Chinese, French and Spanish subtitles

Friday 12th–NOVA TV Bulgaria; Bulgarian w/ English, French and Russian subtitles

Monday 15th– TV5 Philippines; Tagalog/English w/ Chinese and English subtitles

Tuesday 16th– VTM Belgium; Flemish w/English, French, Russian and Spanish subtitles

Wednesday 17th – SABC South Africa; English

Thursday 18th – RUV Iceland; English and Icelandic w/ English subtitles

Friday 19th – ARD Germany; German w/ English subtitles

Monday 22nd –TBC1 ITV Tanzania; English