Understand 300 Years of Weather in the South with weatherman Ian Currie

Thursday 11th Sep 2014 by theWeather Club

Weatherman Ian Currie explains the last 300 years of Weather in the South on Monday 22nd September at the Basingstoke Discovery Centre.

The weather is never out of the news for long. Floods in Boscastle or droughts in the Southeast; we are often a nation of contrasts. In this illustrated talk weatherman Ian Currie will highlight some of the extreme weather experienced in the South of England over the last 300 years. This includes a blizzard burying trains from London to Devon, a 12-foot snowdrift in Oxford Street, Southampton Water covered in ice, tornadoes tearing through Guildford and the warmest month of all time July 2006.

The talk starts at 2pm and tickets are £3. If you would like to come to this event, booking in advance is advised. Book your place online from https://www.hants.gov.uk/shop/home.php , by calling 01256 478670, or by visiting the Basingstoke Discovery Centre in person.