Super typhoon Megi hits the Philippines

Monday 18th Oct 2010 by theWeather Club

The Philippines has been hit by super typhoon Megi – the strongest cyclone to make landfall there since 2006 and the first tropical storm this year to achieve category 5 super typhoon status. With sustained winds of 140mph and gusts of up to 162mph, it made landfall in Isabela province at 11:25 on 17th October. The typhoon has since weakened slightly, but has already caused considerable damage, with power lines destroyed, communications services down and thousands of Filipinos evacuated from their homes. Vietnam, which has already been hit by flooding unrelated to Megi, lies in the path of the typhoon. Chinese officials are also preparing for the storm, which is expected to enter the South China Sea tomorrow, and 100,000 people are reported to have been evacuated by the authorities.

A typhoon is a tropical storm which forms in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. Like Atlantic hurricanes, typhoons are measured on a scale of 1-5.