Spectacular 'angel wings' sunset captured in Cornwall

Wednesday 16th Mar 2016 by the Weather Club

Photo: Spectacular sunset captured on Monday Credit: Ian Warne 

After passing the photo around the Weather Club office, as well as taking to Google to search for similar photographs out there, the phenomena captured seems so rare, it does not even have an official name. However 'angel-wings' sunset certainly does seem appropriate! 

The photograph was captured by Ian Warne on Monday 14th March, at Peter's Point Beach, near St Ives, in Cornwall. When we asked Ian about the photograph he said "The shot was actually taken with my Motorola phone camera on Monday early evening about 6pm. I was just taking some random photos whist walking my dog and crouched down to take a shot that included the grass in the foreground - there was a slight sea haze but other than that not a cloud in the sky. Just a lucky shot really."

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