Some areas of country to miss autumn display

Wednesday 11th Aug 2010 by theWeather Club

Autumn is traditionally one of the favourite times for walkers to take to the countryside. The cooler temperatures and spectacular natural vistas mean many consider this the countryside’s most pleasing season. However one of these twin delights may be absent this autumn as a result of the drought conditions seen in some parts of the country. Dr Kate Lewthwaite of the Woodland Trust, explained that many trees drop their leaves in order to conserve energy when water is scarce. The prolonged dry periods seen in some regions means that by the time autumn comes around, those glorious red and gold displays willl be missing as these trees will already have shed many of their leaves.

Dr Lewthwaite explained that the great weather divide during July, that saw the south enjoying sunshine while the north saw mostly rain, could affect how different parts of the country could experience autumn. “If this split continues we could have a tale of two autumns,” she told the Telegraph. “In dry areas we may get false autumns but in warm, wet areas we may get a normal display.”