Snowy Britain

Friday 10th Dec 2010 by theWeather Club

It’s a stunning picture, likely to be an iconic image of Britain in winter, for years to come. This beautiful view of the entire country blanketed on snow reminds us, that from John O’Groats to Land’s End we are all in this together. It invites us to step back and quite literally look at the bigger picture, and to realise that - in present times at least - this has been a remarkable spell of weather.

On a less poetic note, the image is a a very vivid display of just what it is that we are all together in. Only ten days in, and December has already seen some of the coldest temperatures and heaviest snowfalls since 1981. We are already painfully familiar with a record breaking November, and December seem to be following in the same vein. Helen Chivers from the Met Office said: “Temperatures are likely to remain low for at least another 30 days. Daytime temperatures may only reach 3°C to 5°C and at night we will see the average being well below zero in many parts. At this stage it is difficult to say whether they will be significant snowfall but the temperature will certainly be cold enough. The average temperatures for this time of year could be expected to be as high as 9°C in places like London and 7°C in Scotland so the figures are well down on what is usual.”

So as we get more used to the mundane realities of snow shovels and ice driving, at least we can reflect on the fact that it’s a great view for any astronauts passing overhead.