Severe Weather Sweeps Across Midwest USA

Monday 15th Jun 2015 by theWeather Club

Severe weather affected parts of the US from Minnesota to Texas in late April and May including more than two dozen tornadoes in the heart of ‘Tornado Alley’, major thunderstorms, tropical storm Ana, rainfall that resulted in the ‘largest flood in region’s history’ in parts of Texas and even wintry weather in North Dakota and Colorado. 

A series of tornadoes, including a major twister, touched down in several Great Plains states – including Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska - leaving at least 5 dead and more than 40 injured in Texas and Arkansas, causing structural damage, downing power lines and trees, flipping cars and even enabling tigers and other animals to escape from an exotic wildlife park in Oklahoma. At least nine tornadoes were reported in Kansas alone. 

This is peak tornado season for this part of the country. Last year, the US saw 1,047 tornadoes which resulted in 47 deaths.

Furthermore, tropical storm Ana made landfall near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, but was downgraded to a tropical depression. The storm’s maximum sustained winds were at 35mph. Late-season snow also fell in parts of the Rockies, western Nebraska and western South Dakota.