Ryder Cup runneth over

Monday 04th Oct 2010 by theWeather Club

There is a sign adorning the Celtic Manor golf course, strategically placed to catch the passing TV cameras, displaying a message from the Welsh tourist board. It reads 'Do not adjust your set. It really is this green.' The conditions which have forced the Ryder Cup into a fourth day for the first time in the competition's 83 year history have lent a certain unintended irony to the poster. Golf fans around the world now exactly why Wales is as green as the tourist board says it is.

Any golfer playing in the UK will be prepared for rain, and the US team being a well run organisation is no different. Wet weather gear was avaliable for everyone in the US party. However it seems that the team was not prepared enough. The Welsh climate has proved too wet for the US wet weather gear. The weather that has given their country the verdant hues of which the Welsh are justly proud, has proved too much for the American's apparel with several of the US golfers springing leaks up and down the course. Now golfers are a hardy bunch and no-one will say that the result will be in any way affected by some leaky waterproofs. However there are very few activities that people perform better when they are cold and wet as opposed to warm and dry. The deluges that have swept the course over the weekend are a reminder that the weather – like time – waits for no man, woman or global sporting event.