Russian heat wave set to break

Wednesday 08th Sep 2010 by theWeather Club


Russia’s devastating heat wave finally looks set to come to an end as rain and cold winds sweep across the country. Two months of hot weather which has seen temperatures topping 40c has led to the country’s worst ever forest fires, and deadly a smog sweeping across Moscow. A low pressure system coming in from the north is finally bringing some cool moist air over the country. Grateful Moscow dwellers will see temperatures fall as much as 20c with forecasts putting the temperature on Saturday at a decidedly brisk 12c.

At the same time the significant rain now falling over the country is set to spread. The welcome will not only help douse some of the peat fires still burning in several parts of the country, but it will also wash some of the drifting smoke particles out of the atmosphere helping to clear the smog still affecting some areas.

However the full effects of Russia’s heat wave are still to be felt and will spread far beyond its geographical borders. The ban placed on exports of Russian grain products due to its devastated crop harvests, sent wheat prices to an almost 2-year high when it was announced, leading to predictions of global price rises for grain based food products