Record breaking UK winter 2015 - 2016

Wednesday 02nd Mar 2016 by the Weather Club

Photo: Flooding near the River Wye in Hereford (taken 04/01/2016) 
: Paul Cooper, Flickr

Provisional statistics released by the Met office reveal that this winter was the second-wettest and third-warmest for the UK as a whole.

The average temperature for UK winter is normally 5.5°C, however this year, it was considerably warmer, with average temperatures 1.8°C greater than the norm. England experienced the warmest conditions, with temperatures generally 2.3°C above average values. 

Following the wet, windy and stormy conditions in December and early January, almost all regions of the UK received above average rainfall. Rainfall for December, January and February has a long-term UK average of 330.4mm, however this year, 529.3mm of rainfall was measured, making it the second-wettest UK winter on record. Only East Anglia, and Eastern England were regions where rainfall was below average. 

Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all had their wettest winters on record, receiving 778.2mm, 780.2mm and 508.1mm of precipitation respectively. Studying the regions in finer detail, reveals that north west England, north Wales and east Scotland received more than double the amount of average precipitation. 

Looking to Spring, the current forecast is hinting towards signs of cooler than average temperatures in the latter half of March and over the Easter period. 

Please note that these provisional figures, and are subject to revision. Anomalies are expressed relative to the 1981-2010 averaging period.