Record breaking sunshine smiles on Scotland

Monday 26th Mar 2012 by the Weather Club

Scotland and sunshine aren’t words you generally see together in the same sentence (at least not unless the preposition is ‘without’). Nevertheless when the Scottish people opened their newspapers this morning this is precisely what they saw. “Scotland basks in glorious sunshine” announced their Daily Record. “Scots enjoy sunshine record-breaker” agreed the Scotsman. Indeed the news – namely, that a new record temperature for March of 22.8C was recorded in Aberdeenshire – was so momentous even papers south of the border reported it. It beat the previous record (22.2) and it meant UK continued to be warmer than more southerly parts of continental Europe: neither Barcelona, Nice, Majorca and Faro in Portugal, none of which saw temperatures rise out of the teens.

North-east Scotland proved the warmest as southerly breezes dry out over the Highlands and heat up as they descend. Yet even Glasgow’s record of 16.4C couldn’t stand the heat. Yesterday’s Old Firm derby match took place in a comparatively sweltering 19.3C, making it warmer even than Egypt’s Port Said.

A Met Office spokesperson said yesterday: “We have just broken the all-time record for March. “Fyvie Castle, which is north of Aberdeen, was 22.3C at around 3.30pm. The previous record has stood for over 50 years.” Even brighter news was to follow though, as she added that the record could be very short-lived given that Scotland is set to weather even more warmth over the next few days.