Past tWC newsletter iPad apps available for FREE

Friday 16th Jan 2015 by theWeather Club

Good news! The previous issues of theWeather Club iPad app are now available to download FREE of charge - and all our future ones will be free to download too.

theWeather Club newsletter is packed full of interesting and educational content that captures the many phases of the weather - its beauty, its power, its occasional absurdity and its fragility in the face of human activity. It has an international news digest and a range of features covering diverse topics about the weather. This beautiful and informative newsletter is an exciting way to communicate the science of meteorology and its impact on society to the general public. It is the perfect app for anyone fascinated by the weather. 

To access and download the apps, visit:

Autumn 2013 (launch issue) >> 

Winter 2013 >>

Spring 2014 >> 

Summer 2014 >> 

Autumn 2014 >>

Winter 2014 >>

We will be exploring options for iPhone and Android devices in the future - in the meantime, if you don't have an iPad, you can access pdf versions of the newsletter here >>