Met Office and New Cray Supercomputer

Tuesday 28th Oct 2014 by theWeather Club

Britian will continue to be one of the top nations for weather forecasting and climate change research it was revealed yesterday, when it was announced that the Met Office will be receiving a £97 million super computer, which is capable of performing 16,000 trillion calculations per second.

The new computers will mean that the Met Office will be capable of performing calculations at rates never possible before. This will translate into more accuracy and a higher resolution for forecasts. In their final configurations, which will include Cray® XC40™ systems as well as next-generation Cray XC systems with current and future Intel® Xeon® processors, the Cray supercomputers at the Met Office will have 13 times more supercomputing power than its current systems. The Met Office will use its new Cray supercomputers and storage systems for operational weather prediction and climate research.

This is good news for the UK, meaning that it will continue to be a world leader and could save £2 billion a year by predicting floods, helping with transport and giving farmers more information about which crops to plant. "We are very excited about this investment in UK science," said Met Office Chief Executive Rob Varley. "It will lead to a step change in weather forecasting and climate prediction, and give us the capability to strengthen our collaborations with partners in the South West, UK and around the world. The new Cray supercomputers, together with improved observations, science and modeling, will deliver better forecasts and advice to support UK business, the public and government. It will help make the UK more resilient to high impact weather and other environmental risks."

"We are truly honoured that one of the most prestigious weather centers in the world has awarded us with the largest international contract in Cray's history," said Peter Ungaro, president and CEO of Cray. "The award is symbolic for Cray on a number of fronts -- it demonstrates that our systems continue to be the supercomputers of choice for production weather centers across the globe, that our close relationship with Intel is providing customers with enhanced capabilities today and into the future and it reinforces the role that Cray plays in impacting society on a daily basis in a wide range of areas. The Met Office is both a pioneer and leader in weather and climate services, and we are excited that Cray supercomputers and storage solutions will assist them in achieving their important and complex mission of informing citizens and industry how the weather and climate will affect them now and in the future."