It's official – we do like to moan about the weather

Tuesday 30th Apr 2013 by theWeather Club

It has long been known that we are a nation obsessed by the weather but new research shows that Britons moan about the weather on average four times a day for a total of eight minutes and 21 seconds, which equates to four months during our lifetime.

The study, by home and garden retailer Wilkinson, captured the views of 2,000 people from around the UK. Newcastle is apparently the worst place for weather gripes, with residents complaining for an average of ten minutes 20 seconds a day, followed by Sheffield (nine minutes 50 seconds) and Birmingham (nine minutes 42 seconds). Those aged 25 to 34 admitted to moaning the most, spending around nine minutes 44 seconds complaining every day. While those aged over 65 spend seven minutes and 37 seconds.

Neil Fairhurst, from Wilkinson, said 'Talking about the weather is a national obsession and our results show that we moan about it more than anything else. Complaining about the weather is many people's way of dealing with an often miserable outlook – a problem shared is a problem halved. It has been very interesting to lay bare for the first time the average length of time we will spend discussing the weather. Four months is a significant chunk of anybody's lifetime.'

The survey showed that the British public complained most about unpredictable weather (31%), followed by it being too cold (26%) and that it rains too much (19%). It also showed that only a fifth of Britons think discussing the weather is interesting, while two thirds said it is dull and repetitive. Eight out of ten said their leisure plans had been ruined by the weather in the past year whilst over a quarter of adults (26.6%) said they simply wrapped up warm and carried on with plans despite the weather.

Most people admitted they enjoy a good moan about the weather because it makes them feel better.