Intense downpours cause flash flooding in SE England

Tuesday 29th Jul 2014 by theWeather Club

Hail and intense thunderstorms brought flash flooding to parts of southeast England on 28th July. The Met Office had issued a severe weather warning as a narrow band of heavy showers that stretched from Watford down to Brighton on the south coast resulting in more than half a month’s average rainfall falling in an hour in places.  

The storm was caused by a low pressure system and a plume of warm air that was drawn in from the continent. Light winds meant that the storm moved slowly and persisted throughout much of the morning.

Not only was travel disrupted due to flash flooding, lightning also struck an electricity substation near Hove, causing a power outage to the coastal rail route.

The highest recorded hourly rainfall totals for Monday 28th July 2014 can be found on the Met Office website: