Holidays, Postcards and Weather

Thursday 31st Jul 2014 by theWeather Club

Penny Newell, a PhD researcher at King’s College London and RMetS member, has been busy collecting over 2000 postcards for her project, ‘Weather etc. Writing Home.’, a collective inquiry telling new social, artistic and scientific stories about the changing climate through postcards. 

She is exploring the use of information extracted from these postcards for ‘mapping weather history’, in a similar manner to the way tools like Twitter are now being used to crowdsource weather information from the general public.

Penny’s blogpost - - summarises this inquiry. It is also an invitation to search through your home to find postcards from friends, relatives and years gone by; to read and reflect on messages about the weather found in these charming postcards, and to share these to become a part of this movement.

For more information and to donate postcards, please visit Penny’s blog.