German chips feel the heat

Tuesday 03rd Aug 2010 by theWeather Club

There are many ways in which a spell of unusually hot weather can make life a bit less pleasant, but spare a thought for our German neighbours who are facing a completely unexpected weather related irritation. Potato lovers will soon have to put up with shorter chips and smaller crisps. The country's Farmers' Association has warned consumers that the current heat wave is producing smaller potatoes. Spokeswoman Verena Telaar said: “The potatoes are just not growing as they normally would. As a result, this year's harvest will not produce enough large potatoes needed for fries and crisps.” In order to be turned into normal sized chips, German spuds have to be 5cm wide and 10cm long. Farmers expect up to 30 per cent less of the larger potato varieties than in an average year. However, this climatological version of brewer's droop is no laughing matter for the farmers, who are looking at a large shortfall in takings due to the reduced crop "The contracts between producers and the industry were signed before this crisis," Ms Telaar said. “Farmers are now trying to renegotiate.”