'Europhotometeo' 12 competition winner

Thursday 07th Jun 2012 by theWeather Club

Image: Vittorio Poli

Over the past few days millions of Britons and tourists alike have spent hours staring skywards with increasing frustration as first the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and then the astronomical event the ‘Transit of Venus’  were badly hit by near countrywide cloud cover and heavy rain. So bad was the timing that even the citizens of this weather obsessed nation could be forgiven for taking a rather dim view of the weather at the moment

However this year’s winner of 'Europhotometeo' 12 the European Meteorological Society’s (EMS) photography competition, shows the weather at its magical best.  Vittorio Poli took this picture of his home town of Conco on Italy’s Asiago plateau, from an Italian mountain top and shows the small town shrouded in fog.

It is a wonderful picture of a place where you could almost imagine mythical beasts walking the streets on their way to some fabulous adventure. It is a worthy winner, and that was reflected in the judging where it was significantly ahead of its nearest competition once the votes were counted.

We add our congratulations to Vittorio for winning this year’s competition; it was definitely worth that long trek up the mountain.

The winner and other finalists can be seen at: www.emetsoc.org/?id=320