Eight injured as tornado hits North Sea island

Tuesday 03rd Aug 2010 by theWeather Club

It seems that you don't have to cross the Atlantic to the famous Tornado Alley to get a close up look at a twister. About 100 campers on the island of Duene – part of the German Bight sea area familiar to shipping forecast regulars – got an uncomfortably close look at one of the beasts as a tornado struck the island during their holiday. Eyewitnesses described a "black wall" blotting out parts of the sky during the incident in which several people were injured by flying deckchairs and other debris. The tornado not only destroyed the campsite, its effects were also felt at a nearby airfield where several light aircraft were knocked over. Tornadoes, which are extremely rare in Europe, can form when periods of extremely hot weather break and cooler air moves in.