Ed Milliband calls for zero carbon emissions ahead of Paris

Monday 23rd Nov 2015 by theWeather Club

Illustration: Jasper Rietman (via The Guardian)

'The right step now would be for Britain to become the first major country to enshrine net zero emissions in law'

In a Guardian article about next week's Paris Climate Summit, former Labour-leader Ed Milliband has highlighted the need to move to zero emissions in order to limit warming to 2degC.

He says, “The world will need to move to zero emissions at some time in the second half of the century, as President Obama and the other G7 leaders, including David Cameron, have rightly acknowledged. A point will come when the total carbon budget for the world will simply be used up."

So how can it be done in the UK? "It is about a 100% clean energy supply. It is about making our energy system more efficient and productive. It is about the right infrastructure. And, to cancel out residual emissions from agriculture and industry, it is about capturing carbon from the atmosphere, for example through reforestation and by the use of carbon capture and storage technology” says Miliband.

Similarly, in July the Royal Meteorological Society and 23 other leading institutions also highlighted these needs in a ‘Climate Communique’.