Desmond resurrects Yorkshire waterfall for first time in centuries

Wednesday 09th Dec 2015 by theWeather Club

The heavy rainfall across North Yorkshire has renewed a historic waterfall for the first time in possibly several hundred years. It is thought that, for one day only, Malham Cove, a limestone cliff formation, became the highest unbroken waterfall in England. This was due to the recent unprecedented rainfall which caused water to flow over the cliff, which stands more than 200 feet high.  

Alan Hulme, Yorkshire Dales National Park’s head of ranger services, said the water systems were so full from the rainfall that it flowed along what has been known as ‘Dry Valley' and over the top of the cove. It is very difficult to determine the last time water flowed over the top of Malham cove, with estimates ranging from early 19th Century to as far back as the Ice Age.

Watch a video of the waterfall here >>