Celebrating World Met Day

Friday 23rd Mar 2012 by theWeather Club

Each year, on 23rd March, the worldwide meteorological community celebrate World Meteorological Day. This day commemorates the entry into force, on that date in 1950, of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Convention. Each year a different theme is chosen to mark this special event. This year the theme is "Powering our future with weather, climate and water" to focus on these three critical roles and services in powering a sustainable future for us and for generations to come.

"Knowledge about our weather, climate and water has made great strides in recent years and is fundamental to food security, disaster risk reduction, water management, energy supplies and health, to name but a few examples," said World Meteorological Organization Secretary-General Michel Jarraud.

"Investment in National Meteorological and Hydrological Services is more necessary than ever to meet future challenges associated with our rapidly changing climate. We need to strengthen the international knowledge base and ensure that the information reaches all socio-economic levels, from government decision makers and captains of industry to farmers and local community leaders," said Mr. Jarraud.

We rely on up-to-the minute, reliable weather forecasts for everything ranging from social activities to multi-million dollar decisions. According to one recent study, U.S. economic output varies by up to US$ 485 billion a year – about 3.4 per cent of Gross Domestic Product – owing to weather variability.

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