Cancun summit makes "some progress"

Wednesday 15th Dec 2010 by theWeather Club

It would appear that despite come initial reservations, the Cancun Climate Conference managed to generated something other than just air miles. According to UK energy and climate change secretary Chris Huhne, the agreement represented a solid foundation for future progress on tackling the host of issues presented by climate change. Updating the Commons on the results of the summit, Mr Huhne said the deal represented a significant step forward, but much more work was needed before next year's global gathering in South Africa.

Mr Huhne admitted that after last year's meeting in Denmark expectations for the Cancun conference were not high. He said: "After Copenhagen it seemed as if the very principle of multi-lateralism itself was on trial. Our objectives, therefore, were modest. We aimed to demonstrate the UN process was back on track. We also hoped to put in place some of the building blocks for an eventual global agreement and to rebuild momentum. I'm delighted to say that our expectations were not just met but exceeded."

The agreement acknowledges the need to keep temperature rises to 2°C and brings the non-binding emissions cuts pledges made under the voluntary Copenhagen Accord into the UN process. It also includes an agreement to set up a green climate fund as part of efforts to deliver £60 billion a year by 2020 to poor countries to help them cope with the impacts of global warming and to continue their development while minimising polluting side effects.