Best 'Thank You' note for weatherman

Thursday 15th Mar 2012 by theWeather Club

A letter written by an American primary school student has been hailed as the best thank you note of all time after he told a local weatherman who visited his school that he was 'more awesome' than a monkey, in a bacon tuxedo, riding a unicorn, on a space shuttle, heading for Mars.

The student, named only as Flint, from Austin in Texas, promised Albert Ramon - a weatherman for local station KVUE - a place at his top table when he becomes 'supreme Ultra-Lord of the universe'. Flint went on to write 'I will not make you a slave, you will live in my 200 story castle where unicorn servants will feed you doughnuts off their horns.'

Ramon, who posted the letter to his Facebook account, tweeted that the letter was genuine and sent with 30 others from Flint's class. The letter has appeared on numerous websites also includes a drawing on the reverse of a unicorn presenting an enthroned figure with the words 'your doughnuts, Master'.