Australia shuts down Climate Commission

Thursday 19th Sep 2013 by theWeather Club

NASA image

The Abbott government has abolished the Climate Commission, which had been established to provide public information on the effects of and potential solutions to global warming. Environment Minister Greg Hunt rang chief climate commissioner Tim Flannery at 10am on Thursday to tell him the body had been shut down.

Abbott is not considered friendly to the cause of addressing global warming. According to New Scientist "Australia is to abolish its emissions trading scheme, disband a climate advisory body and institute a carbon reduction policy that experts say will fail to meet its meagre target."

Also lacking from the cabinet posts of Australia's newly elected Prime Minister is someone to head the country's science program. Instead of having a separate science post, the industry minister will be in charge of handling science. Abbott's announcement has science advocates and others worried that environmental and other science research initiatives will suffer under the new government.