Are Bank Holidays always a washout?

Friday 04th May 2012 by theWeather Club

It's a bank holiday weekend and many will be hoping for some spring sunshine to make the most of that extra day off. But will the May Day bank holiday weekend live up to its reputation and be another washout.

The May Day bank holiday was initiated in 1978 in the UK and since then there have only been a handful of warm and sunny May Day holidays. The inaugural May Day was described as a "dismal washout" with heavy downpours, in fact between 1978 and 1989 there was not a single one with good weather. There have even been calls for the early May bank holiday to be moved to a different time of year.

This year will be no exception with a cold northerly flow causing temperatures to plummet below the seasonal average bringing snow to parts of Scotland and widespread overnight frosts. Night time temperatures over this weekend are forecast to dip as low as -5ºC with temperatures in the day struggling to get into double figures. The lowest recorded temperatures for May were -8.9ºC in Braemar, Scotland back in 1927 and -9.4ºC in Lynford, Norfolk in 1941. Temperatures will recover a little on Monday but a band of rain will march eastwards across the UK accompanied by strong winds. Well, it is a bank holiday.